Click three notes to display the songs for that type of Hunting Horn.
Storm Style is unlocked at SR5 in HH.

[Standard Songs]
Movement Speed Up
white- white
Less Likely to Bounce
white- white white- white
Movement Speed Up
pink- pink
Less Likely to Bounce
pink- pink pink- pink
blue- blue- cyan
Attack Up [Sm]
white- red
Attack Up [Lg]
pink- red- red
Attack Up [Sm]
red- yellow
Attack Up [Lg]
red- green- red
Attack Up [Lg]
red- cyan- cyan- pink
Health Up [Sm]
red- blue- white
Health Up [Med]
red- red- cyan
Health Up [Lg]
red- blue- red- pink
Wind Negate [Sm]
blue- blue- red
Wind Negate [Med]
blue- blue- green
Wind Negate [Med]
blue- cyan- blue
Wind Negate [Lg]
blue- blue- yellow- pink
blue- pink- yellow- blue
blue- green- blue- pink
No Stamina Loss [Sm]
white- blue
No Stamina Loss [Lg]
pink- blue- blue
Health Recovery [Sm]
pink- green
Health Recovery [Med]
green- pink- yellow
Health Recovery [Lg]
green- green- pink- cyan
Health [Sm] & Antidote
white- green
Health [Med] & Antidote
green- blue- pink- blue
Health [Lg] & Antidote
green- white- cyan
Recovery Speed [Sm]
green- green- yellow
Recovery Speed [Lg]
green- red- green- pink
Heavenly Protection
green- yellow- pink- yellow
Earplugs [Sm]
cyan- cyan- red
Earplugs [Lg]
cyan- cyan- green- pink
Cold Protection
cyan- cyan- yellow
Heat Protection
cyan- green- cyan
Stun Protection
cyan- blue- pink
Pralysis Protection
cyan- yellow- yellow
Quake Res
cyan- yellow- cyan
Sharpness [Sm]
cyan- blue- white
Sharpness [Sm]
cyan- green- green
Sharpness [Hi]
cyan- pink- blue- cyan
Elemental Attack Up
yellow- blue- yellow- white
Fire Res [Sm]
yellow- red
Fire Res [Lg]
yellow- blue- white
Water Res [Sm]
yellow- blue- pink
Water Res [Lg]
yellow- blue- blue- white
Lightning Res [Sm]
yellow- cyan- pink
Lightning Res [Lg]
yellow- yellow- blue
Ice Res [Sm]
yellow- white- cyan
Ice Res [Sm]
yellow- green- white
Ice Res [Lg]
yellow- pink- cyan
Ice Res [Lg]
yellow- green- pink
Dragon Res [Sm]
white- yellow
Dragon Res [Lg]
pink- yellow- yellow
Sharp Sword
pink yellow pink (Z1)
Stun Up
pink green pink (Z1)
Status Attack Up
pink blue pink (Z1)
Fire res Up [Lg]
pink yellow blue (Z1)
Water Res Up [Lg]
yellow blue blue pink (Z1)
[Storm Style Songs]
Quake Res
red- light pink- white
Heat Res
blue- white- light pink
KO Negate
yellow- light pink- white
Cold Res
white- light pink- green
Defense Up [Sm] [1.15x]
cyan- light pink- white
Paralysis Immune
red- pink- light pink
Ice Res [Sm]
blue- pink- light pink
KO Negate
yellow- light pink- pink
Fire Res [Sm]
pink- light pink- green
Elemental Atk Up [10%]
cyan- light pink- pink
Attack Up [Lg]
pink red light pink (Z1)
Attack Up [Lg]
pink green light pink (Z1)
Attack Up [Lg]
pink cyan light pink (Z1)
Attack Up [Lg]
pink blue light pink (Z1)
Attack Up [Lg]
pink yellow light pink (Z1)
[Extreme Style Sonic Bombs]
Monsters Cannot Flee
light pink light pink
+2 Raw Hitboxes
pink pink
+4 Elemental Hitboxes
red red
+4 Elemental Hitboxes
blue blue
+4 Elemental Hitboxes
yellow yellow
+4 Elemental Hitboxes
green green
+4 Elemental Hitboxes
cyan cyan