Changing Timezone
Normal Switching

Changing the timezone in all versions of windows is pretty much identical.

1. Click on the clock in your system tray (generally bottom right).
2. Click on 'Change date and time settings...' or 'Date and time settings'
3. Click on 'Change time zone' or the equivalent
4. Select '(UTC+08:00) Taipei'
5. Click 'Ok'.
6. To change the timezone back simply repeat the exact same settings with your original timezone instead of Taipei (e.g. (UTC+00:00) Dublin, Edinburgh, Lisbon, London within the UK.)

Windows 8 and 10 users may need to also turn off 'Set time zone automatically' or similar to make this change stick.

Using Batch Files

If you don't want to change manually you can download the following which will create a pair of batch files, one for Taipei timezone and one for your Original timezone:
Timezone Batch Gen

The files will be called timezoneOriginal.bat and timezoneTaipei.bat and they will be output wherever you extracted the first bat file. The original timezoneGen.bat will delete itself after you run it once so you don't accidentally make two files with the Taipei timezone later.

Obviously you want to run the Taipei batch before you start the game and the Original after you close it.